Hydraulic Spray Nozzles – Flat Spray

A flat spray is one in which the liquid drops are formed into a long, narrow pattern. The thickness of the narrow dimension of the spray varies according to the design of the device and the flow rate.

The principal use of flat spray nozzles is to produce a well-defined spray pattern on a surface as the surface (or the nozzle) moves transversely with respect to the wide dimension of the spray. A typical example would be nozzles used in a car washing tunnel. The majority of flat-spray nozzles used in industry operate according to one of the following principles:


Product Name Typical Applications Details
FX_FG-FH Type F In-line Car washing and industrial cleaning processes. See Details
GX GX In-line tip General purpose See Details
H Type H In-line General purpose See Details
KX_K Type K In-line,
impact type
Washing processes See Details
K Type K In-line,
high impact
Washing processes, surface pre-treatment. See Details