Steel Work Nozzles

To the steel industry in particular we offer a wide range of products for the whole steel making process:

  • nozzles for dust suppression on raw materials parks and emission control
  • nozzles for coke suppression and cooling
  • nozzles for continuous casting cooling and cold lamination (water + air/water)
  • high pressure descaling spray nozzles,
  • nozzles for roll cooling and pickling
  • etc.

Standard Full Cone:
These nozzles use a specially designed vane placed at the nozzle inlet to create a rotation in the liquid flowing through the nozzle. Due to the rotational speed and centrifugal forces of the liquid exiting the nozzle orifice, the fluid opens up into the shape of a Full Cone.

Flat Spray:
In Line – This is a general purpose Flat Spray nozzle, where the liquid enters into the nozzle in line with the axis length, is fed to pressure chamber and ejected through the nozzle’s elliptical orifice. Flow value and spray angle are determined by the orifice cross-section and edge profile.Flat Spray: Spoon – In this type of Flat Spray nozzle, the liquid is delivered to a round orifice and then deflected onto a smooth surface to create a flat spray shape.

Full cone atomizers are preferably used for machines casting billets, with a relative low flow rate and spray angles between 30 and 90 degrees.

Flat spray, due to their wider spray coverage, are generally used at billet, bloom and slab caster.

Several different atomizers bodies are available for the assembly with atomizer set-ups.
Following are the most current body styles shown; however we can custom manufacture atomizer bodies to suit specific application cases, including dual spray atomizer bodies.

The descaling process is crucial in steel industry to obtain higher quality products. Descaling nozzles are used for an efficient scale removal in hot rolling. The best method is the hydro-mechanical descaling process using high pressure water jets formed by special descaling nozzles.

Coke Oven:
Highly uniform spray delivers rapid coke quenching without hot spots.