Steel Work – Air Atomizers

Full cone atomizers are preferably used for machines casting billets, with a relative low
flow rate and spray angles between 30 and 90 degrees.

Flat jets, due to their wider spray coverage, are generally used at billet, bloom and slab caster.
For the widest coverage requirement, dual atomizer bodies are available.

XM Atomizer Bodies
Several different atomizers bodies are available for the assembly with atomizer set-ups. Following are the most current body styles shown; however we can custom manufacture atomizer bodies to suit specific application cases, including dual jet atomizer bodies.


Product Name Typical Applications Details
sa SA Full Cone Set-Up Tables Full cone nozzles with oval spray used as secondary cooling nozzles. See Details
sb SB Flat Spray Set-Ups Offering a wider spray coverage. Can be used in several applications, from billets to blooms and slabs production. See Details
xmr XM Atomizer Bodies Several different atomizer bodies are available for the assembly of atomizer set-ups. Bodies are available for full cone and flat jet atomizers. See Details