Steel Work Nozzles – Full Cone

These nozzles use a specially designed vane placed at the nozzle inlet to create a rotation in the liquid flowing through the nozzle. Due to the rotational speed and centrifugal forces of the liquid exiting the nozzle orifice, the fluid opens up into the shape of a Full Cone.

Product Name Typical Applications Details
fullcone AH Disc Vane Produces a full cone spray pattern with a very uniform liquid distribution. Widely used in continuous casting plants all over the world. See Details
BXBJ BX/BJ X-Vane Available as a nozzle tip for ease of replacement or with a female thread connection if assembly on a damaged nipple is required. See Details
db DB X-Vane Widely used in first cooling of continuous casting machines, with overlapping patterns to minimize temperature gradients and reduce the risk of crack formation. See Details