Hydraulic Spray Nozzles

Include Full Cone, Wide-Angle Full Cone, Spiral Full Cone, Injector Full Cone, Hollow Cone, Flat Spray, Deflected Flat Spray, High- Impact Flat Spray, Nozzle Tips, Dove-Tail Nozzle Tips, Male Thread, and Female Thread

Steel Work Nozzles

Include Descaling Nozzles, Descaling Standard, Descaling Mini, Descaling Tips, Welding Nipples, Coke Oven Nozzles, Continuous Casting, Full Cone, Oval Spray, Flat Spray, Flat Spray Tips, Roll Cooling Nozzles, Rolling Mill, Air Atomizers, Air Atomizer Set-Ups

Tank Washing, CIP Systems

Include Spray Balls, Rotating Jet Head, Dual Axis, Fixed Head, Reaction Drive, Positive Drive, Tank Cleaning Machines, Cleaning Validation, CIP Systems and Design, Engineering Services

Air Atomizers

Include Full Cone, Wide-Angle Full Cone, Flat Spray, Internal Mix, External Mix, Two Fluid, and Ultrasonic

Complementary Products and Assembly Fittings

Include Special-Purpose Nozzles, Air/Blow – Off Nozzles, Eductors, Mixing Nozzles, Water Wash Guns, Pipe Clamps, Swivel Nozzle Clamps, Quick Coupling Joints, Swivel Nozzles, Swivel Joints, Lances, , Filters, etc.

Foam/Froth, Pollution Control, Gas Scrubbing, Coating/Quenching

PNR offers Spray nozzles for gas scrubbing and spray nozzles for gas cooling – Gasses containing contaminants need to be cleaned before being released to the atmosphere usually in a wet scrubber or cooling tower.

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